***Stellify Clinics***


MAY and JUNE 2018!

Offer doctors-led

anti-wrinkles injections and dermal fillers at fair prices.

We have over 3 years experience and have treated over 250 satisfied costumers in our sister clinic in Manchester.

We will match any

doctor-led price in the UK,

so book today!

***Stellify Clinics***



Offer doctors-led

anti-wrinkles injections and dermal fillers at fair prices.

We have over 3 years experience and have treated over 250 satisfied costumers in our sister clinic in Manchester.

We will match any

doctor-led price in the UK,

so book today!

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to our MacMillan Event!

We beat last year's total by almost £100, which is fantastic!!!

We would also like to thank the winner of the "Guess the Cake" for donating her winnings back to MacMillan!

The winning height was 94cm.


Dates are changed for our MacMillan Coffe Morning!

We look forward to seeing you all from Monday 2nd to Friday 6th October at The Chorley Clinic!!!

It is nearly MacMillan Coffe Morning time again!


For the third year the Staff at The chorley Clinic are raising money for this fantastic charity!


We wil be selling cakes (including Angela's famous Millionaires Shortbreads!), teas and coffes from Monday the 25th to Friday the 29th of September !


So come along and support us!


Thank You!

         "The Chorley Clinic" are at               the Chorley Health Expo 2017

The Chorley Clinic are at the Chorley Health EXPO in the Town Hall, so come and visit us! It's open to the public tomorrow Saturday 4th February.
The Chorley Clinic are at the Chorley Health EXPO in the Town Hall, so come and visit us! It's open to the public tomorrow Saturday 4th February.
The Chorley Clinic are at the Chorley Health EXPO in the Town Hall, so come and visit us! It's open to the public tomorrow Saturday 4th February.
The Chorley Clinic are at the Chorley Health EXPO in the Town Hall, so come and visit us! It's open to the public tomorrow Saturday 4th February.
New Physiotherapist at The Chorley Clinic!


The Chorley Clinic


Do you struggle with diet and find that your weight often yo-yos?


Well, help could be at hand with the aid of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is an effective and safe way to help someone lose weight by allowing them to gain control over their eating habits.


Catherine Eland, Solution Focused Hypnotherapist working at the Chorley Clinic comments "It’s not a one-off therapy session”, I work with a client over a number of appointments to help them take control over their eating habits, so they can start to make informed decisions on the food types they choose.”

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works by helping someone to reduce their stress bucket levels.

“We all have our own stress bucket, and, when the levels fill up, we can find ourselves indulging in bad habits, such as comfort eating, to try to cope.” says Catherine.


Hypnosis is used as part of a therapy session to help drop the levels in the stress bucket through a natural process of Rapid Eye Movement (REM), which occurs when we are in a trance state and is a natural part of the sleep cycle.

When REM happens, we effectively start to see that our stress bucket levels drop, which provides a calmer outlook, so allowing the client to take control over some of those pesky cravings, which would otherwise see them reaching for the biscuit tin.


Every session focuses on positive steps taken since the last meeting and both therapist and client work together on what can be done to further help reduce stress by focusing on positive goals – either short term or long term.

The hypnosis part of the session lasts for around 20 minutes and helps the brain to focus on those positive changes for the future, so allowing us to move forwards and notice a real difference. 


Catherine Eland is an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hypnotherapy Tutor at Leeds CPH Hypnotherapy training and Hypnotherapy supervisor. Contact her on 07825 047849 or www.birkdale-hypnotherapy.co.uk 


A big Thank you to all staff, patients and everyone who bought or supplied cakes and for all your help and support during our MacMillan week! 


Without your support would have been impossible to raise a total of  £167.07 beating last year's amount!

*** SPECIAL OFFER *** Have you ever though about trying something new? Why not try one of these Holistic Therapies at special reduced rates? All available here at The Chorley Clinic! Please see the post for more information.
Physiotherapist wanted at The Chorley Clinic

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Did you know that The Chorley Clinic offers a discounted service for all Chorley Council Employees and their family & friends. The discount will only be accepted by showing a copy of the ID card of The Chorley Clinic & Chorley Council



We are pleased to announce that the card machine for Physiotherapy at The Chorley Clinic is now working.


Therefore we are now able to accept credit/debit card payments from further notice.


We thank all our customers for their patience and we apologise for any inconvenient.

Today is the first day of December and Christmas is getting close!


Let's get our Christmas trees up!


We are temporally experiencing problems with our physiotherapy card machine (this does not affect podiatry).


We therefore kindly ask our physiotherapy costumers to pay CASH ONLY for a limited period of time until the problem is resolved.


The Chorley Clinic does no longer accept CHEQUE for physiotherapy payments.


Liz apologises for any inconvenience, thank you for your patience.

November is LUNG CANCER AWARENESS Month. Lung Cancer is the most common cancer worldwide. With the disease claiming more than 35,000 lives in the UK every year and a shockingly short six months average time between diagnosis and death, IT IS CRUCIAL THAT AWARENESS OF THIS CANCER IS RAISED.
Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation recommends to go to the doctor if you have had a cough for 3 weeks or more.

In a weeks time The Chorley Clinic is joining in the World's Biggest Coffee Morning for MacMillan.

You can ensure that people don't face cancer alone by giving a donation and enjoying coffee and cakes all day long on Thursday 24th September at The Chorley Clinic.

If there are enough cakes left the event may continue on Friday 25th September.

Everyone is welcome to call in, no appointments needed.

Exercises in the wild

What is Physiotherapy?


Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession with a scientific foundation.

It involves working with people to promote their own health and well-being in a broad and varied range of work.

Physiotherapy helps improve and restore movement and function to as near normal as possible when you are affected by injury, illness or any other disability.


Physiotherapists work in a wide variety of health settings such as orthopaedics and sports injury, intensive care, mental illness, stroke recovery, occupational health, and care of the elderly.

I have expanded on some of the areas of that you will find can be helped by physiotherapy.


Back Pain

Whether back pain rules your life or you get an occasional twinge, this summary will help you understand how physiotherapy can help. Research shows that in most cases it is best to keep as normally active as possible.


What is back pain?

Almost everyone experiences back pain at some point in their life. The pain may occur suddenly and be gone in a couple of days, or it may last for weeks or even longer. Back pain usually gets better, but often recurs. The pain may be limited to the spine itself, or it may spread to the groin, buttock, leg or foot on one or both sides. It may also cause pins and needles, numbness or burning sensations in one or both legs or feet. It can also cause the same symptoms in the arms.


What causes the problem?

Back pain can be the result of a range of conditions that affect muscles, tendons, ligaments, discs, nerves or other soft tissues or joints. Most back pain does not have one simple cause, but may be due to a range of factors, such as poor posture, repetitive activity and bad habits. Pain does not necessarily mean there is a serious problem. 


How can physiotherapy help?

Physiotherapists are highly skilled at supporting people with back pain. The physiotherapist may offer manual “hands on” therapy and will explain how you can manage the pain, contribute to your own recovery and prevent the problem from recurring. Research clearly shows that physical activity and exercise help, and a physiotherapist can provide an exercise programme based on your health, ability and fitness levels.


Sports Injury

Sport and exercise can sometimes cause injuries whether you are experienced or just beginning and no matter at what level you perform.

Sports injuries can happen as a result of:

  • not warming up properly before exercising
  • pushing too hard for your current level of fitness
  • using inadequate equipment


Sport injuries can be acute (recent injury less than 6 weeks) or chronic (longer than 6 weeks)

  • Acute sports injuries occur as a result of an accident, incident, or awkward movement e.g. sprained ankle, strained knee ligament
  • Chronic sports injuries develop over time, often due to continual use of the same joints or muscle groups


Acute sports injuries need immediate treatment. Initially remember R.I.C.E.

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation


If in doubt go to Accident and Emergency for an assessment and then seek follow up physiotherapy from a Sports Injury Specialist.



Whether you have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis or have painful joints that you think may be arthritic, this summary will help you understand the causes and how physiotherapy can help you.


What is osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a common condition that may cause joint stiffness, swelling and pain usually in the knees, hips, feet, hands and spine. Some people's arthritis can be so severe that joint replacements are the best solution, while others experience few symptoms even though X-rays show that they have quite advanced osteoarthritis. 


What causes it?

It is not known exactly what causes osteoarthritis, although it can be triggered by injury or repeated stress on a joint dependent on your job or activities. It usually affects people aged 50 and over, and is more common in women. Genetic factors play a role in some forms of osteoarthritis. 


How can physiotherapy help?

Physiotherapists are highly skilled at helping those with osteoarthritis, as they can help improve movement, strengthen muscles, and increase or restore mobility.



Every year around 150,000 people in the UK have a stroke. This summary will help you understand some of the causes and show how physiotherapy can help.


What is a stroke?

A stroke is a sudden 'brain attack' that occurs when the blood flow to part of the brain is cut off. If brain cells do not receive enough oxygen, they can be damaged or destroyed. This may make it difficult for the person to move their facial muscles and limbs, to speak and swallow, or to understand what is happening around them. 


What causes it?

A stroke is usually caused by a blood clot blocking part of one of the arteries carrying blood to the brain, or a blood vessel within the brain bursting, resulting in bleeding into the brain. Stroke is more common in men than women, and in people over the age of 55, although it can occur at any age. A family history may increase the risk, as can lifestyle factors such as diet, drinking alcohol, smoking and lack of exercise, but sometimes there is no obvious cause.


How can physiotherapy help?

Physiotherapists play a key role in the healthcare team within hospital specialised stroke units, which also include doctors, nurses and occupational therapists, and in home aftercare services. As the 'movement expert' on the team, the physiotherapist's main aim is to help the person regain their movement and mobility.



We can help you ease your symptoms by hands on physiotherapy as well as help you understand the problem and learn how to manage it, just give us a call.

Exercises in the wild - part 2 -
Exercises in the wild - part 3 -

Aim for better sleep with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy


In our busy, modern lives where we are constantly juggling work schedules, finances and family life. then it is all too easy to find ourselves feeling too stressed to sleep.


Well, if that sounds familiar then you might want to look at visiting Birkdale Hypnotherapy, where my training and skills can help you to relax with the aim of helping you to sleep better at night.


We all live increasingly busy life styles, and modern living can see our stress levels build quickly.


When we go to sleep then the brain normally reduces our levels of stress by a process involving REM or rapid eye movement sleep. It can be thought of as lighting many stress candles during the day and at night these are blown out, so we can start the next day feeling refreshed and stress-free.


Unfortunately the REM sleep is limited to only 20% of our sleeping pattern, so if there is a lot of perceived stress then you quickly use up that 20% of REM and as a result you may find that you wake up and struggle to get to sleep, as if some of those stress candles are still burning in the morning. 


During the hypnotic sessions Solution Focused Hypnotherapy techniques are used to help refocus on the positive aspects of life so the guided relaxation or trance work can integrate these ideas and reduce those levels of stress.


I believe it may take a number of sessions for the effect of the therapy to be felt but its effects can be extremely beneficial- not just for helping sleeping but the techniques can also be used in other useful ways weight, stress and anger issues.


I am a member of the Association of Solution Focused Hypnotherapists which insists on the highest standards of practice among its members, who are fully qualified, insured and have the necessary DBS checks. We attend regular supervision and career development sessions designed to provide you with the latest research in psychology, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.


Here to help! 


Catherine Eland

The Chorley Clinic wants to thank all of you who bought cakes for MacMillan helping us to raise a wonderful £ 104.30. The winning number for the "Spot the cake" competition was 576 and the winner has kindly donate the money back to MacMillan making a grand total in all of £134.30.
Once again thank you very much from Liz and all at The Chorley Clinic!

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