Podiatry covers the diagnosis and management of a range of foot conditions and the Podiatrist specialises in the identification of structural issues that can be associated with pain of injury- looking at the foot as part of a dynamic lower limb system (known as biomechanics).

In understanding your problem the Podiatrist needs to consider not only the foot, but also how the trunk, pelvis and the entire lower limb move and interact with one another. Changes in foot function with the use of orthotic devices (link) and/or exercise therapy can change the way you function and reduce the damaging forces that can give rise to pain and injury. It is likely that you will be given footwear advice and exercises to aid in the resolution of your problem. Often when you seek medical advise it is only the symptoms that are treated and not the underlying cause and this is where the Podiatrist with good biomechanics knowledge may be able to help you.    

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