Orthotic Devices/Insoles

Orthoses/orthotic devices are orthopaedic devices that are used to treat a variety of biomechanical foot disorders. Whenever a person's foot is not functioning as designed, the weight of the body is not properly transferred and distributed. As a result, pain and tenderness can develop in the foot, ankle, and the surrounding muscles. Orthoses work to relieve pain by realigning and supporting the ligaments and bones of the foot properly, so that the foot can function as normal.

Initially following your assessment you may be sent out from the clinic with chairside/test orthoses for you to trial. Custom-made orthoses are not always necessary but will be discussed with you on review. Custom-made orthoses are specifically designed to meet the needs of the individual patient and a cast of the foot will be taken to produce the orthoses. They are often produced using CAD/CAM technology from the USA and come with a lifetime guarantee. Other orthoses are produced from a very experienced orthoses laboratory in the UK. Your options with orthoses will be discussed in depth with you.


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What do Orthoses do?

Orthoses are used to reduce pain, redistribute pressure and to prevent problems with our feet. Orthotics are also used to improve foot function and to control conditions such as flat feet (pronated feet). Whatever your specific requirements the podiatrist can accommodate them. 

What are Sports Orthoses?

Sports orthoses are tailored with specific sport requirements in mind. Some sports for example demand a flexible orthoses to enable rapid directional changes; some need to incorporate shock absorption qualities to cope with high impact. Some of the conditions that are treated may be familiar to you; many serious sports men and women regularly suffer with pain during their respective sporting activities. 


The specialist sports orthoses will allow you to perform and enjoy your chosen sport to your optimum ability and potential, hopefully pain free.   

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