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To begin with the Chiropodist will take a full medical history from you. It is very important that you tell us about any medical conditions you have and any medication that you are taking as this may affect your treatment. You will then be asked about any problems that you are having with your feet and if you have any concerns.

During a Routine Chiropody appointment the Chiropodist will be able carry out routine treatments such as:

  • Nail Cutting
  • Corn Removal
  • Verruca treatment/advice
  • Ingrown Toenail Management
  • General Advice on Foot Health
  • All foot and lower limb problems


You will always be consulted throughout your treatment and each part of the treatment will be fully explained to you.

The Chiropodist may recommend that you attend the clinic on a regular basis to maintain your ideal foot health.  

Podiatry Appointment / Gait Analysis / Biomechanics

Our podiatrist has treated many athletes for sports injuries, using orthotic device (orthoses) therapy and closely working with our physiotherapists. The podiatrist will work closely with you, helping you to achieve the outcome you want from your treatment. You will be involved at every stage of the formulation of your treatment plan. 

Initially a full medical history will be taken and the history of your problem discussed. The podiatrist will often ask to look at your footwear that you use for every day and for your sporting activities so it is a good idea to bring them along. Your walking gait will be observed; this may be on the ground or on a treadmill especially if you are a runner/athlete. It is a good idea to bring/wear loose fitting trousers or bring along shorts for this part of the examination. Your condition will be discussed and possible treatment options. It is not unusual for you to be given exercises at this stage and chairside/test orthoses made in the clinic for you to go and trial away form the clinic and in your normal activities. Bespoke/custom made devices can be produced at a later date if desired/ appropriate but it is normal to trial angulations first to see if this produces improvement in your symptoms.


You will be given footwear advice after which you will normally go away for a few weeks to do the exercises and trial the chairside orthoses and be reviewed in the clinic 4-6 wks later to assess your progress and/or make modifications to your test orthoses. If the function of the test device is not successful then modifications are made to improve and enhance the outcome. Only when the patient is completely satisfied with the treatment will further options be discussed. Many patients are able to manage their symptoms with chairside orthoses and in these cases custom-made orthoses will not always be necessary.The options will always be discussed with you at this initial appointment and on your review appointment.

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