What We Do

  • Work with you to manage sickness and absence by early intervention and effective management of your employees health


  • Comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment of employees


  • Individual case management tailored to business and employee needs


  • Multidisciplinary team approach using evidence based practice


  • Provide a fast track service to further medical investigations if necessary e.g. consultants, X-Ray, MRI, Podiatry


  • Fit Note - We can help you by assessing your individual employee's needs and recommending the appropriate management plan, for example this could be a graduated return or review of their work station.

What Makes us Unique?

Healthwork Connections offers an innovative, cost effective and unique approach to managing health and absence in your business.


Our individual case management approach will identify the cause of the problem, provide prompt and thorough assessment and deliver a comprehensive treatment plan.

  • Identifying why the problem has occurred to the employee e.g. is it an ergonomic problem in the workplace or is there an underlying condition with the employee


  • Assess all the contributing factors


  • Tailor make a treatment plan to address any combination of physical and or psychological problems

Our Treatment Will:

  • Assess, diagnose and treat symptoms to enable employees to stay in work, facilitate an early planned return to work or refer for further medical investigation


  • Give the employee a greater understanding of their condition and how to manage it at work and home


  • Empower the employee to change their health behaviour to manage relapses whilst staying at work


  • Enable the employee to function in everyday work and social activities in order to improve their overall health and wellbeing

Our Case Manager will work with HR to:

  • Focus on a stay at work or early return to work policy


  • Ensure your employees have a safe and planned early return to full duties that can be monitored.


  • Use cognitive behavioural techniques, if necessary, to identify and address barriers to return to work and help provide solutions to chronic illness and long term sickness and absence


  • Utilise evidence based assessment, treatment and exercise to facilitate job specific rehabilitation

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