Case Study 1:

  • Male 54 years with low back pain.
  • Signed off by GP for 12 weeks.
  • Referred to NHS back clinic at 6 weeks, a further 6 weeks wait for treatment.
  • Fear of exacerbating injury leads to inactivity, decreased socialisation and dependence on analgesia.
  • Acute condition at 12 weeks has now become chronic – longer rehabilitation.
  • Following 16 weeks off sick psychosocial problems, particularly anxiety and depression had developed.

  • His employer contracted Healthworks Connections for an ergonomic assessment and 6 sessions of fit for work rehabilitation that included both physical and psychological treatments.


  • The patient returned to work after the fourth session on a graduated return for one week and was discharged working full time with good functional recovery of his back problem, an anxiety and depression score well within normal limits and the knowledge of how to manage his condition.

Case Study 2:

  • Female 44, office manager for 20 years, long standing neck pain due to poor postural habits, worse over the last 12 weeks.
  • Family affected by her inability to carry out usual tasks without pain, such as shopping, driving etc.
  • Stress at work increases as she struggles to cope, sleep pattern becomes disturbed.
  • Sickness absence over the past year is cause for concern.


  • Possible outcome – dependence on painkillers, high risk of long term psychosocial issues.

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