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An Evidence Based Approach to Occupational Health Management

'An evidence based approach to employee health management will lead to a better workplace and better well being' 

What Makes us Unique?

Our highly skilled team at Healthwork Connections can offer you an innovative, cost effective approach to managing health, wellbeing and absence in your business.


Our individual case management approach will identify the cause of the problem, provide prompt and thorough assessment and deliver a comprehensive treatment or advise plan that empowers the employee to manage their condition.


This approach is so effective the government are in the process of introducing an occupational health advisory only service in late 2014.


It is called the Health and Work Service -

Struggling with GP Fit Note Recommendations

We can help you by assessing your individual employee's needs and recommending the appropriate management plan, for example this could be a graduated return or review of their work station.

Advantages of Our Individual Case Managementl:

  • Each employee will have a full biopsychosocial assessment from which we will have an accurate picture of their physical and mental wellbeing.


  • A treatment plan can then be implemented addressing these needs.


  • We will work with you and your employee to focus on a stay at work or early return to work policy.


  • Utilise evidence based assessment, treatment and exericse to facilitate job specific rehabilitation.


  • Reduce the cost of sickness and absence


  • Reduce insurance premiums


  • Ensure key people are retained at work or their absence minimised


  • Enhance your company’s reputation for employee health and wellbeing

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