What do Clinical Psychologists do?

Clinical Psychologists work collaboratively with individuals or groups (e.g. couples and families) to enable them to understand the problems they are experiencing, reduce psychological distress and promote and enhance psychological wellbeing. They do this through the application of psychological research and theory. Clinical Psychologists use therapies that are sometimes referred to as talking therapies.


Clinical Psychologists can also offer neuropsychological assessment, rehabilitation and therapy of neurological conditions that may have affected the way your brain works. Carers or family members often have their own questions about what has happened to their loved one and what it might mean for the future. We also offer emotional support to family members who are finding it difficult to understand what has happened.


Therapy is time-limited, with the number of sessions varying, depending upon the individual (usually between 6 and 20 sessions). Clinical psychologists do not prescribe medications and generally do not give diagnoses.


The clinical psychologists based at the Chorley Clinic are also able to provide comprehensive expert personal injury assessments, and have been trained to the high quality of Bond Solon.

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